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Cowboys and Indians party (4th Sep 2020)

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Two ladies, both wearing white tops with flower patterns, cowboy hats, and face masks.
A lady wearing a black waistcoat, white and blue neckerchief, black cowboy hat, and face mask, and a gentleman in a wheelchair wearing a blue lumberjack style shirt, redneck teeth, and a brown cowboy hat.
Three people queueing to be served at a yellow and blue ice cream van.
A gentleman in a motorised wheelchair wearing a black long sleeve shirt, a shiny blue waistcoat, a gold pendant around his neck, and a black cowboy hat.
Two gentlemen, one wearing a nurses outfit, the other a cowboy outfit, both are wearing masks, one with a false moustache stuck on the top, and both wearing hats.
A lady in a motorised wheelchair wearing a khaki native American style top, a long black wig and blue headband, three stripes of black face paint on each cheek, and holding a toy Tomahawk.
A gentleman in a wheelchair wearing a pink shirt, white and blue neckerchief, and a pink cowboy hat, and a gentleman wearing a red, white, and blue lumberjack style shirt, and a brown cowboy hat.
A table containing around 10 hamburgers on paper trays next to a hot plate, all of which are under a heat lamp.